Saturday, 25 October 2008

Something Pink and Squishy

Yesterday we made a difference to some very brave peoples lives; we held a pink day at school to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.

It was an amazing day full of fun, laughter and just a little pink, when we first spoke to the senior staff about doing this... to say they were doubtful was an understatement.
Big, tough, burly boys coming to school in pink, getting pink nails and hair .. no way…. but in pink they came…. every one of our 63 attending boys either came dressed in pink or paid to get pink hair and nails (I painted 370 fingernails), we sold pink cup cakes and the wrist bands that Wayne Brock Quinn and I all wear.

The boys (and staff) had so much fun with it all and even the painted nails were acceptable for the day, there was a sense of community that warmed all of our hearts, our kitchen staff even provided pink mashed potato and pink cheesecake to show their support.

The sense of pride Wayne and I felt watching most of the boys and staff standing in the hall singing along to Queen's 'Don’t Stop Me Now' with ill fitting pink wigs, feather boa’s, hot pink fingernails and so many pink socks that Barbie would have been proud. This is a memory that will stay with us forever and I hope that it will become an annual event for the school, a very moving day for us all.

We raised approx $500.00 AUD for the day which is incredible considering we are such a small school with only 12 teachers. This will going towards developing a vaccine against Breast Cancer here in the U.K so that one day soon people will not live their lives in fear of this disease… So if you have any spare change find a wrist band and wear it with pride knowing that you are helping a great cause

We would also like to say a big thank you to Billy Wingrove the World record holder for football free styling who was a good sport in coming along to show the boys even the football greats are not too cool to wear pink in support of Breast Cancer.

We hope you are never touched by Breast Cancer in your lifetime, but if you are please know there is wonderful support and assistance out there for you.

In the U.K.

In Australia

In the U.S.A.


barrandgirl said...

Good on you guys. As a family with recent experience with cancer we are moved by the generosity of others who see fit to invest in the needs of others even when it does not directly affect them. Love MR&A

Anonymous said...

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